Our Team

Meet the ELC Team

Helga Hollerbusch

Helga is in their final year of a Bachelor of Science at UNBC. As a student of forestry, soil science, and wildlands conservation, they have a keen interest in understanding how communities can become resilient to climate change through changes to land-use practices. They bring knowledge from working in the ecological management sciences, numerous leadership roles, and community advocacy projects to their role with ELC. This last summer, they were honoured to work on the territories of the Secwepemc and Tsilcotin peoples as assistant to the regional soil scientist. However, their heart lies in the North!

They hope that ELC will be an opportunity for them to give back to Prince George, which has nurtured them, using the skills they am most confident in. In their free-time you can find them cooking (inside and outside, sometimes on a mountain), spending time with their non-human kin, and practicing their martial arts.

Hannah Lawrence

Hannah (she/her) is our secretary. This past spring she graduated from UNBC with her BA in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. This experience gave her the chance to be involved in various initiatives such as Inspiring Women Among Us, university-focused sustainability and climate action projects, and addressing food-related topics with the ELC team. During her time earning her degree, Hannah developed an interest in community-based climate solutions, climate justice, and incorporating diverse worldviews into environmental approaches, and she believes that ELC can achieve this in Prince George and the surrounding communities. In her spare time, Hannah loves to hike, camp, and rock climb, watch reality TV, and try her hand at new indoor and outdoor recreational activities.

Ann Duong

Ann (she/her) is our Treasurer. She was born in Ottawa to a Vietnamese refugee family and raised in Toronto. In 2015 she escaped to Prince George, where it is now her home. She completed her undergrad at UNBC and is continuing her graduate studies in the Natural Resources and Environmental Science program. Currently, she works full-time in Quality Assurance at the Northern Analytical Lab Services at UNBC, which is Northern BC’s Environmental Solutions and Innovations Hub. She also sits on the Board of Directors of the Fraser Basin Council as a Youth Director and is Chair of FBC’s youth advisory committee. 

Ann is excited to continue to be a part of Eco Living Community that provides youth a launchpad to create and lead grassroots environmental programs and endeavours to discover ways to encourage youth to become the leaders and thinkers of a more just and sustainable future.

Shauna Kelly

Shauna (she/her) is a director-at-large. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental and Sustainability Studies from UNBC. During her time at UNBC, she was on the board of the Prince George Public Interest Research Group, supported Inspiring Women Among Us, and led initiatives on campus focused on climate action and food security.

Shauna now lives in Canmore working for The Howl Experience. She is passionate about climate education, food sovereignty, youth engagement, and community-level climate action. Through ELC, she hopes to help advance sustainability, resiliency, and climate action in Northern BC.