What We Do

What We Do

At ELC, our work is driven by 3 Goals:

1. Support the implementation and uptake of climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies by municipalities and community members.

2. Build capacity at a variety of levels to empower individuals to communities to become self-sufficiencient.

3. Strengthen the local sense of connection to land and to community.

In 2023, we are working towards these goals by . . .

Hosting Climate Cook-Ins

Join us throughout this Winter Semester at UNBC for Climate Cook-Ins! In partnership with UNBC Food Services, we will be hosting two Climate Cook-Ins per month each featuring different local chefs from a variety of backgrounds alongside speakers on topics related to climate change, the environment, and local food systems. Students, UNBC staff/faculty, and community members welcome. Click the link below to sign up for our next event!

Sharing information about local climate policy

Starting this Spring, we will be sharing information about local climate policy here on our website and via our social media. We recognize that our local governments don’t always make it the easiest to find up-to-date information so we want to help you out! Let us scour their websites for all the information you need to be in the know about what our local governments are doing to take climate action and how you can get involved.

Starting a Repair Café

ELC will be bringing a Repair Café to PG this Summer, stay tuned for more information!

Creating space for conversations about Solastalgia

Join us this Fall as we create space for conversations and art creation around the theme of solastalgia. Stay tuned for more information!